Social Strategy Sprint:

$18,000 8 DAYS

Research/Intake: 3 days
Workshop: 1-2 days
Crystallization and Delivery: 2 days

Bring rigor and focus to your campaign. We start with a half-day workshop consisting of three design thinking exercises. After the workshop you get a lightweight brand strategy guide that clearly defines your brand’s audience persona, purpose, and personality. This guide informs everything else we’ll do together and can be used as a north star by internal teams and other external partners.

Creative & Production:

$20,000 + Production Costs

Next we bring your brand to life with compelling social advertising campaigns. In round one, we present three options for overall campaign ideas. In round two, we refine the preferred direction with examples of all executions. In round three, we create a deck of each execution to be produced with final shot lists and copy.

13 - 22 DAYS TOTAL


Creative Brief Approval: 2 days
Concepting Round One: 5 days
Concepting Round Two: 3 days
Final Concepts: 2 days

Pre-production: 5 days
(Includes sourcing locations and talent, hiring talent, and more.
Shoot: 1 day
Editorial: 3-7 days
Sound: 2 days
Color: 1 day
Delivery: 1 day


We have three tiers of production deliverables:

To get a sense of our capabilities, check out our work section.
All the content there was produced by us.


Platform-Native Video:


We deliver five videos using the chosen platform’s native video user interface. Think product shots with text overlays, testimonials, etc. Great for testing messaging and RTBs.


Upper Funnel Video:


Higher production quality, this is the best option when you want to build brand love. We deliver five videos that make your product look exquisite, your brand feel trustworthy, and let you tell a deeper story.


Add 30 Still Shots:


We capture stills from your shoot—product shots, pull-frames from your video, behind the scenes content, etc. Use these shots for static ads and to program your owned channels.


Broadcast-Quality Video:


Tell your full brand story via compelling demonstration or testimonial creative. Ideal for TV, YouTube, Hulu or other streaming services. You’ll get one :30 video and up to three :15 edits of the same spot.

Media Planning & Buying:

$18,000 FOR PLANNING +

We combine AI targeting tools with decades of experience to get your content in front of the right people. We design the media plan for your goals: driving online sales for DTC brands, guiding people to brick and mortar stores, pulling more of your fans into your email and SMS marketing loops, etc. To maximize effectiveness, your plan is optimized in real time by our software.

6-8 DAYS

Research: 2 days
Planning: 2 – 4 days
Buying: 2 days



Media Strategy

Align campaign and media objectives, review competitors, make initial assessment on partners, channels, and budget splits.


Planning and Development

Select best partners, negotiate, coordinate with creative team, traffic, and launch.



Monitor data and campaign results, make refinements to increase performance, assess next steps.

That’s the process. Makes sense, right?
Launching and relaunching brands doesn’t need to be painful to be effective.
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"So what else do you folks do?"


Brand Strategy


We deliver a comprehensive brand guide that defines what your brand is all about: Messaging. Voice and tone. Guidelines for visual elements like type, color palette, photography and illustration.

Influencer Management

$8,000 - $25,000 + Contract Costs

We strategize which influencers would be best for your brand using our three-tiered approach. We negotiate contracts and decide on the best way to integrate the influencers into your wider campaign efforts.

Meta Storefront & Landing Pages

$5,000 + $1,000 per iteration

Convert traffic, make sales. For DTC brands, content drives to your Instagram/Facebook store or landing page on your site. Non-DTC brands can drive to your brand’s site or a simple store finder.

the work

We think our case studies speak for themselves. (We wrote them, after all.)
Important to note: We produced 100% of this work internally.