Anolon invented hard anodized nonstick cookware over 35 years ago and has been innovating in the cookware space ever since.

The culmination of all this innovation is Anolon X, their most capable cookware line to date. But despite being a trusted brand for serious home chefs, they still struggled to compete against copycat brands that were outspending them.

We needed to help Anolon get credit for its latest innovations by launching their new, ultra-premium product line. This meant a full-funnel approach with a content marketing strategy designed to open up new channels and drive DTC sales.

Brand Guide Excerpts

AnolonX Packaging

It started with brand strategy, refining the masterbrand design, brand identity, and messaging for this flagship sub-brand. We created new packaging for retailer and DTC channels, both worthy of the brand’s most innovative collection. We then designed the Anolon X page to create a frictionless purchase experience.

And then it was time to tell the full story of this innovative cookware:

Activations with Top Chef Star Gregory Gourdet demonstrate the full capabilities of the innovative designs.

Lower funnel paid social ads and Anolon’s first-ever TV spot drove DTC sales.

The campaign did wonders for the brand before it even ran, helping Anolon with their sell-in efforts including a new retail channel partnership with Williams-Sonoma. More importantly, we drove 100% sell-through of the first production run.

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