Each year, Jameson Irish Whiskey releases a new limited edition bottle design. This year, the label was designed by Steven “hephee” Heffernan: artist, illustrator, and notable Jameson Whiskey fan.

The label art was a fun take on emojis, and how we invite friends to share a round at the bar through texts and social media messages.

From “Limited Edition Art”
to a “Cultural Moment”

We took the limited edition bottle from “one-off product” to “cultural moment” by handing the reins to the Jameson fans themselves. By buying the bottle, fans unlocked a digital mobile experience where they could use hundreds of Hephe’s illustrations to create their own version of the label and have their creation shipped to their homes. Which created a whole lot of content for their feeds—and ours.

Complete sell-through

It happened faster than in any previous year. By creating a participatory experience, we drove earned impressions and UGC as people shared their designs online.


The campaign drove interest and excitement around the bottle through the website experience, posters, and in-store displays.

The Results

In the end, our content marketing strategy resonated. Jameson fans across the globe became even deeper ingrained in this iconic brand.

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Social Impressions