SABÉ is a great idea:
canned cocktails that are actually cocktail-strength.

But the category is crowded and full of products that underwhelm: low ABV, high sugar, sketchy ingredients. In short, if you love cocktails, you probably hate canned cocktails. SABÉ faced an uphill battle with their brand launch.

That battle began in Texas. We launched the brand with a paid media campaign in the top four DMAs. SABÉ needed to get on the radar of potential customers, overcome category misconceptions, and drive sales at key accounts while opening new retail and DTC channels.

So how do you let everyone know that these are real, super boozy cocktails without saying they’re super boozy?

You build a clever creative strategy around an anthemic double entendre: “Ready to Drink.” It hijacked category vernacular and rhetorically asked potential customers if they were ready for something better.

Our “Ready to Drink” campaign came to life as pre-roll on YouTube, across Facebook & Instagram as dynamic social stories and paid ads, organic content, plus a geofenced mobile campaign that engaged customers near SABÉ retail accounts. The work appeared in the four biggest DMAs across Texas. The campaign gave the brand immediate momentum, which led to a green-light of market expansions in North & South Carolina.



In critical Dallas-Ft. Worth DMA, campaign yielded CTR 5x the benchmark


Average CTR across the campaign exceeded benchmark by over 64%

Opened DTC

Opened DTC channels while maintaining key retail account in the largest supermarket chain in Texas

Over 75%

Advanced geofencing mobile campaign engaged customers near SABÉ retail accounts, yielding video completion rates of 75%+ and CTRs 35% above benchmark


Early success led to additional market expansion in North & South Carolina

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