NFL tight end George Kittle loves Honey Sesame Chicken Breast from Panda Express. It’s more than just his favorite dish; it’s his way of life.

So Panda Express teamed up with George to show everyone how you, too, can Find Your Sweet Spot through the power of Honey Sesame Chicken Breast.

Introduced Fans to George’s Seminars.

We kicked off the campaign with a content series that introduced fans to George’s seminars, inspired by everything that makes Honey Sesame Chicken Breast—and George—so great.

Motivational Mantras Helped Fans Find Their Sweet Spot

Then each week, we helped fans find their sweet spot with motivational mantras.

Limited-Edition Swag Helped Fans Stay Fresh.

We created a line of limited-edition Honey Sesame swag, so fans could match their inner sweetness with outer freshness.

Sweet Results

The fan love for Honey Sesame Chicken Breast was already immense, and the campaign results were pretty sweet. By helping fans find their sweet spot, we helped Panda Express find theirs.


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