Three things every brand can do to win the land grab.

The economy is reopening, and that means a gold rush for marketers. So how can you get ahead in this moment of opportunity? We have a few ideas that can help your brand immediately…


Every brand is now a DTC brand.

16-ish months of staring at our phones has made us all well-accustomed to mobile-first decision making. Which means Owned & Paid Social Content can drive sales right now. Everyone wants to splurge this summer, so consider how offers and deals can help you steal more share of wallet. And if you want to explore including a DTC channel strategy, we’ve helped brands do it over and over.


Just...get out there. You know, with everyone else.

According to Nielsen, great creative is 5x more important to effectiveness than an optimized media plan. We can (and should…and do) execute well on all fronts. But this is not the time to over-agonize about strategy or fall into eight-week production timelines. Get creative content out there now and you’ll see results now. And all summer long.


Earn your media. Or, as we like to say, steal it.

Who doesn’t love free media? A small financial investment made into a highly-shareable, PR-worthy idea can yield big returns. QSR brands like Wendy’s, Popeyes, and Burger King are already doing this well. We’ve had some hits over the past few years ourselves.

The best time to start is always yesterday. But now is good, too. Hit us up if you have 30 mins for a quick creds call. And to all the vaxxed and relaxed folks out there, let’s have a great summer.

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