…and Illuminator’s modern marketing playbook is already  helping Web3 brands succeed. Let’s take a look at the pillars that make up the space:


Decentralized Approach

Decentralization is key to understanding Web3. Due to its community-first nature, marketers need to focus on what the users want, rather than what the brand demands. As we move into a Web3 world, brands will need to cede control to the community. It’ll be scary. Maybe even counter-intuitive. But by integrating into the community, successful brands will enjoy a level of loyalty and engagement that doesn’t exist today. 


Autonomy over Data

A big part of Web2 was corporations selling consumer data. Hence all the privacy concerns and trust issues we see today. Web3 resolves this conflict by giving users autonomy over their data—they get to decide who has access to their info. This will make data collection more difficult, and strong brands even more important. 


Semantic Web Incorporation

If Web2 was about making the Web easier to read for people, Web3 is about making it easier to read for computers, via the semantic web. It’s a technology that utilizes layers of metadata and makes the web more comprehensive and readable. (Recent examples of this technology include Siri and Alexa.) The Semantic Web will help to refine, generate, and share better content due to software becoming more adept. It will also help marketers find the right keywords that best match the user’s inquiry, thus making the web more comprehensive for all.


Community-Created Content

Web2 ushered in the notion of user-generated content, but brands quickly realized that expecting fans to create and share quality content was unrealistic; there was little motivation to do so. With communities having ownership in Web3 brands, members have a vested interest in stoking growth. Brands can lean into this by providing tools, guidance, and incentives. Brand-generated content is still important. But content generated by the community is more important than ever. 


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