Which agency should I hire?

Obviously, we’re biased. But we think it comes down to three things. You want an agency:
That has expertise in your vertical.
That has experience solving your problem.
That has strong data, strategic, and creative capabilities.
And most importantly, we think you should actually like the people who you’re working with.


Who’s the best agency in San Francisco?
There are a lot of agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each of them have their own area of expertise. The trick is to find the best agency for your business. If you choose an agency that’s too big, you’ll likely not get the attention and focus you’d want. Illuminator is a great choice for mid-market companies who need to launch or relaunch a brand. If your brand needs a full-funnel advertising approach, we are a great option. We’re also a good choice if you’re looking for an agency with deep digital, social, and mobile capabilities where you’ll have access to the senior team. 


How do I find advertising that actually works?
The most effective advertising today combines data and analytics, strategy, and strong creative capabilities. Focusing on highly attributable and accountable media like digital and social advertising is a great way to optimize your budget and ensure your marketing goals are met. 


Should I advertise on social media?
Social media advertising is effective and attributable. Which is why every successful brand advertises in social media. With 89% penetration, you can be sure your customers are spending time on social media every day. Your brand should be creating organic content for your social feeds. But paid advertising campaigns are off in the most effective way to drive results.


Does creativity matter in advertising?
Marketing science proves that creativity creates an unfair advantage. In fact, Nielsen reports that strong creative is 10 times more important than an optimized media plan when it comes to advertising effectiveness. Great creative is also a multiplier of your media dollars. We have a track record of creating highly shareable content that garners PR attention and free media impressions.


What role does strategy play at Illuminator?
Illuminator’s strategists immerse themselves in your target audience, your category, and cultural trends to identify opportunities for creative development. Our strategists gather insights so the creative teams have smart inspiration to develop breakthrough work. Our strategists also gather intelligence after campaigns launch, so the creative work can be optimized and built upon.


Do I need to do video advertising?
Video is often the best way to create an emotional connection between consumers and your brand. Video is very effective at telling a Brand’s story. And with today’s digital media buys both online and on TV, video advertising can be tested and optimized in real time.


Why do I need a brand?
Almost every company our clients admire has a strong brand. And there is a reason for that. A strong brand is incredibly valuable. Companies with strong brands enjoy several business advantages. A strong brand gives you several unfair advantages. First and foremost, irrational preference. When a consumer has an emotional connection to your brand, you are insulated from competition, price sensitivity, and novelty. Conversely, when your business lacks a strong brand, you’re more susceptible to consumers basing their purchase decisions on price or curiosity. Not a great place to be.

Is your agency good at product launches?
Illuminator was designed to launch new products and brands. We begin with our AI powered business intelligence platform that shows us where in the marketplace we’ll face the least competition and drive the most growth. We use that data to strategically position your brand and set the direction of our creative platform. We then use creativity to bring your brand to life and to make sure every media dollar is well spent. We believe that our creative product should be engaging and most of all, shareable. We then distribute that creative content with a data-driven media approach specifically designed for your goals, be they awareness, engagement, traffic, direct sales, or any combination.


Can your agency launch NFTs?
Illuminator has experience with NFT launches. We have expertise in the crypto space. And we’ve created NFTs for brands. Illuminator has strategists who specialize in crypto and NFT projects. When you need help designing, creating, and launching an NFT, Illuminator can help.


Does your agency have expertise in crypto?
Illuminator has experience and expertise in all kinds of crypto-based businesses. Our current project is an NFT-based gaming platform, and an entertainment NFT launch. Business ideas that live on the blockchain are a particularly good use of illuminator’s strategic, creative, and technology capabilities. We’re even set up to accept payment in crypto coins.


Does your agency have digital expertise?
Illuminator was born digital. We designed Illuminator to be the agency we would want to hire if we were launching a brand. That means expertise across technology and digital media. Like how to create content for each digital and social platform. How to optimize your website to drive sales and growth.