Illuminator exists to champion great ideas.

Our first official day was April 1, 2021, which meant we could claim we were just kidding if we imploded immediately. And we almost did. Two months in, we lost our biggest account…two thirds of our revenue. So, a pretty painful day, but if you’re reading this, you’ve probably had that day, too. Such is advertising. We still had a great team, projects to work on, and a few things in the pipe, so we gave ourselves three months and got very, very focused.

We defined what we’re truly all about: Championing great ideas. We focused on the types of engagements where we’re at our best: Launching brands. We productized the offering in the form of a brand launch playbook, did as many creds presentations as we could and, well, prayed.

Our story resonated with the right people. Opportunities that were good for us came our way. Also encouraging: Our existing clients “got it.” Things clicked. They gave us more work, and they now see us as a strategic partner when they launch new brands.

“Our first official day was April 1, which meant we could claim we were just kidding if we imploded immediately.”

Illuminator exists to champion great ideas. We’re really good at launching brands. Our team of senior experts executes against an ever-evolving playbook. That makes our process repeatable, faster, and very effective. It also creates more room for innovation. Basically, wherever you’re at on your brand launch journey, we can bring a lot of value. And the earlier you bring us in, the more value we create.

In total, we launched six brands in 2021:

We’ll talk more about a few of them in our case studies, but all of these launches were successful.

  • Consortium 9 Labs, a web3 master brand that came to us with nothing but a great idea.


  • NOR, a web3 gaming platform that, again, we launched from square zero.


  • SABÉ, a premixed cocktail brand that was formulated and packaged.


  • Anolon X, a cookware brand that had just finished product design and was moving into manufacturing.


  • Anolon Ascend, another cookware brand that was not yet finished with product design.


  • Anolon, the master brand for those cookware lines, which needed a relaunch.


We are
eight people


We launched
April 1, 2021


Year one revenue
was $1.5MM


For 2022, we have
visibility on $1.85MM

We celebrated our one-year anniversary at the beginning of the month. We won a new client last week. Most importantly, we’re having a good time almost every day.